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Not fit for man or beast

Not fit for man or beast


You'd think as the feed road to the street I grew up on I'd know it's name, but, I'm somewhat ashamed to admit, I don't.

Actually, I'm not ashamed at all, but it seemed like something a stranger would mock me for, or such a basic fact that anyone who has known of the street for almost 30 years should know.

The fact is, there is no sign to give you a name. As no one actually lives on this street, no one was compelled to put one up.

So this time at least, my own cluelessness about my surroundings is not at fault.

This was the evening of a particularly large storm (there are several pix in this gallery); the kind that gives you a built-in excuse for not contacting anyone because it's likely the roads are impassable and the lines of communication are down. I love those days.