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Curiosity and the Cat

Curiosity and the Cat

Outside the office window of mom's house


Nice Ride!

This ginger cat belongs to a neighbor of mine. Who, appropo of nothing is moving, making me wonder if they plan on taking their three cats, none of whom seem have collars or ID. Anyway, I've taken to calling this cat George. Until I actually wrote it down it never occurred to me that I might be subconsciously associating this guy with Curious George.

Out of the three cats, one's midnight black, the other's a tabby, George is my favorite. Cat's are famous for their basic indifference to humans depending on said human's specific usefulness at the time in the life of the cat. George has that rare quality that not only is he obviously and consciously aware of both the people and the objects surrounding him, he makes no feline pretention towards boredom or indifference. This guy is paying attention.

In fact, he spent at least 20 minutes checking this bike out. Long enough to distract me from the computer so I could run and grab my camera because I was so amused by the level of his interest. He'd spend 10 minutes sniffing around the bike and then walk away only to return after less than a few minutes as if he was compelled to come back. (yes, I'm that easily distracted. You should see me around shiny objects)

The best part is that after about 15 minutes, I'm certain George knew he was being watched. His suspicions heightened and I realized he could hear the camera clicking though he couldn't locate the source. He'd rise up on his hind legs and sniff, stopping abruptly when he heard the camera motor, looking about warily. He finally located me when I closed the window. (We had the air on, and my mother would rightfully freak out if she knew I was wasting precious cold air from our aging and overworked air conditioner on snaps of a cat.)

It reminded me of the times I had caught him out skulking with his buds late at night when I returned from work, or early in the morning when I raised the window to let in fresh air. The other cats would acknowledge the distraction and move on, but George always stared, looking me full in the face, eventually with almost a look of recognition, like "Oh yeah, you. I guess you have clearance."

This time his expression was closer to "I should have known it was you." I wish it had told me just what he found so fascinating about that bike. And if it was so interesting, why didn't he jump on the seat?

(The diffussion effect is from the screen.)